Line up

  • Andor Vegh
  • Erol Zejnilović
  • Ivan Levačić
  • Ivo Letunić
  • Konrad Lovrenčić
  • Krešimir Oreški
  • Martin Swan (violin)
  • Mojmir Novaković (vocal)


Mojmir Novakovic and KRIES base their creation on traditional lyrics, Slavic mythology, and Mediterranean traditional instruments with electronics being integral part of it. They believe that ancient scripts and traditional chants offer numerous keys for discovering good quality of life and that it is up to each of us to find them and learn to apply those valuable teachings into here and now.

Since 2003 the band performed at solo concerts and festivals (United Islands, Colours of Ostrava, Balkan Fever, Druga Godba, Celtic Connections, Penang World Music Festival...) in Croatia, Germany, UK, Ireland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Austria, Malaysia...)

New album to be released in spring 2010

Booking territory: worldwide (except Croatia)