PoiL Ueda (Japan/France)

PoiL Ueda (Japan/France)
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  • country:Japan
  • style(s):Japanese, Rock
  • label:Dur et Doux
  • type:Band
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:percussion, rock band, lute, guitar
  • artist posted by:Dur et Doux

Line up

  • Antoine Arnera  (keyboards)
  • Benoit Lecomte  (electro acoustic bass)
  • Boris Cassone  (guitar)
  • Guilhem Meier  (drums, percussion)
  • Junko Ueda  (vocals, satsuma biwa)


PoiL Ueda is an intricately structured, deftly dynamic and seductively virtuosic meeting between hard-edged avant-progressive rock, traditional Japanese epic singing accompanied by the satsuma-biwa and Buddhist Shomyo chant, which successfully creates a new musical universe. Tokyo-born Junko Ueda studied satsuma-biwa and Buddhist chant with masters of the art, and composition at Tokyo College of Music. Now based in Europe she has recorded and performed with artists such as Jean-Claude Eloy, Akemi Naito, Yo-Yo Ma and Jordi Savall. Lyonnaise band PoiL have been pushing the boundaries of avant-rock and dark chaotic math zheul for over a decade, melting down Occitan polyphony, Renaissance counterpoint, Stockhausen tonality, punk energy and technoid rhythms for limping dancers into metal chamber music. It sounds like an unlikely pairing and it is, but it's an impressively cohesive and boldly contemporary one.

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PoiL Ueda (Japan/France)