Sinan Celik
Sinan Celik in studio


I was born 1957 in Sarikamis, Kars Province, where I completed my primary and secondary education. I then went on to complete teachers' college the İstanbul Academy of Economic and Commercial Sciences, and the İstanbul Technical University State Conservatory. While still in elementary school, I began studying music at the encouragement of my father, Adil Celik. After learning mandolin, flute, recorder and baglama, my teacher Hüsnü Tiryaki encouraged me to take up the kaval, the end-blown flute. During this period, I received invaluable support from the folk music masters of the time, Arif Sag, Nida Tüfekci, Mehmet Özbek and Musa Eroglu. Conducting extensive research on the kaval, I worked intensively to bring it to a level at which it could be played within larger ensembles as well.
I served for a time as a kaval instructor at the Conservatory. I also worked for an extensive period at İstanbul Radio, and participated in various commercial folk music recordings. These projects also provided an opportunity to introduce the kaval to a broader audience and gain popularity for the instrument. The kaval has mow become a well-known and beloved instrument, as well as one much sougt after in ensembles.
At Duygu Music Production, of which I am the founder, I continue my musical endeavors, producing albums by fine master folk musicians. For those who wish to learn the kaval and play it at an advanced level, İ have written a kaval method.