"Headonix" - KingL Man

KingL Man
Headonix LP Artwork: Sam Dodson


Senegalise Fisherman Blues
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  • artist:KingL Man
  • featured artist:Kiki Hitomi, Sidi IB, El Latigazo, Miroca Paris, Zeeteah
  • region:Canary Islands
  • release year:2022
  • style(s):Dancefloor Activism, Global Beats
  • country:Spain
  • formats:Audio File / Digital, LP / Vinyl
  • record posted by:Ear Conditioning
  • label:Ear Conditioning
  • publisher:Keroxen
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“Richly textured, clear in its message and valid in its anger,
this is a work with something to say.” - Songlines

“a true soundtrack for those without a home where they are, or a home to go back to. Not world music, but between worlds music.” - The Wire

Helmed by Dave Watts aka D.WattsRiot (Fun-da-mental), the debut KingL Man album, ‘Headonix’ is beat-laden shout out in response to the perpetual state of war we seem to find ourselves at. Outrage and disgust, love and hate, history and presence.

Contributions come from four continents.

Fresh on the scene is Senegalese vocalist Sidi I.B., who arrived on Canarian shores with two hundred other compatriots, cold, wet and hungry after seven days at sea with nothing but his future in his hands.

Temporarily housed at the infamous migrant holding centre in Las Raíces, Tenerife, the studio environment provided an avenue of relief from the inadequate conditions at the overcrowded camp.
Also from Senegal, living in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, is rapper Ibrahima El Latigazo who delivers his lyrics in French, Wolof, Spanish, English & Sérère. Rounding up the Senegalese contingent is Mame Samba, a group that hold the spirits close when performing. Their contribution is from recording sessions they had with François R. Cambuzat & Gianna Greco (Putan Club / Ifriqiyya Electrique).

Kiki Hitomi (Waq Waq Kingdom/King Midas Sound) returns to the fold, exhaling positivity with Canarian multi-instrumentalist Javier Afonso (Grenouille). The Canarian faction also include violinist Mónica Viñoly, Dani Garcia (Lagoss/Tupperwear) and Vakawuare. Further guests include percusionist Miroca Paris (Cesária Évora/Madonna); Hamid Mantu (TransGlobal Underground);
Ramjac (Dub Colossus), drums and percussion respectively.

Released by Ear Conditioning in collaboration with Keroxen.
Distribution: Discrepant