EarthSync Launches MuziKonnect

Conencting India's Artists and World Wide Media

EarthSync Launches Online MuziKonnect for Indian Artists and Worldwide Media

1st Sept. 2011 - World music label EarthSync launches another unique initiative with MuziKonnect, the online hub that connects musicans from India and Media from across the world. The combination of a wide spectrum of India’s independent music and worldwide Media at one place makes MuziKonnect an essential platform - for artists from the Indian subcontinent to reach well beyond their home regions and for Media to explore and discover fresh, diverse content from all regions of India.

MuziKonnect offers Artists worldwide Media exposure, real-time reports each time any Media accesses their tracks, apart from dedicated personalized pages for their tracks, videos, pictures and track information at a nominal cost.

For Media, the platform offers free registration, a database searchable by genre, language, and artist, and a function to contact the artist directly for interaction or content use permissions for their platforms.

While this initiative was born to address the challenges of the independent artist of India and worldwide Media to meet in an organized and affordable arena, EarthSync believes active participation by independent artists and media in this initiative will make this platform truly dynamic. Alongside additional sections for Filmmakers and DJs, the development of new functionalities and value added services within the platform are scheduled over the coming months.

An independent music label and award winning film producer, EarthSync brings its vast, global and cross-cultural music and film industry strengths to contribute to the growth of India’s music and film industry by building global supporting platforms that nurture India’s musical diversity, artists and filmmakers, and addresses the challenges for worldwide Media to reach India’s content.

article posted by:Sonya Mazumdar, Earthsync