• country:Turkey
  • style(s):Electronic, Ethnic
  • label:Elec-Trip Records
  • artist posted by:Elec-Trip Records

Audio-visual reflections from Istanbul, a six-hour
original party and performance... Producer/DJ’s and
traditional musicians perform Istanbul's ethnic-
electronic fusion music while video artists show
their work specifically created for Istanbul Calling.
Istanbul is singled out by most because of its
geographical and historical value. The city has a
unique mosaic underground for the same reasons
mentioned afore. Those who seek the voice of
Istanbul are faced with an ethnic sound from the
past that is fused with today's electronic music. The
world music scene is curious about Istanbul's sound
and the city calls to them through the Istanbul
Calling Project.

Istanbul Calling Project first came to life in 2004
with the album “Istanbul Calling” by Elec-Trip
Records. This album was comprised of previously
unreleased original ethnic-electronic songs most of
which were composed for the album. “Istanbul
Calling” was among the top 20 in the music charts
of D&R (a chain store that sells books and cds in
Turkey) for 36 weeks. Even though “Istanbul
Calling” began as an album made up of songs by
artists who live in Istanbul and produce original
ethnic-electronic compositions, the scope of the
project expanded with Istanbul Calling Parties. The
unique character of Istanbul is tastefully portrayed
in these events.