• country:Türkiye
  • style(s):Electronic, Rock
  • label:Elec-Trip Records
  • artist posted by:Elec-Trip Records

“Portecho”s debut album “Undertone”, is in the
presence of electronic music fans...

Elec-Trip Records artist "Portecho", is made up of
Tan Tunçag and Deniz Cuylan. "Portecho" interprets
dance music in its own way by uniting electronica
with rock. In “Undertone”, electronic rhythm
sections and hypnotizing vocals in English are
intertwined with warm guitar melodies. With a
touch of the 80’s,"Portecho", gives the audience an
album way beyond boundaries.

Tan Tunçag and Deniz Cuylan got together in 2005
to form "Portecho" and they signed to Elec-Trip
Records at the end of that year. They prepared and
recorded their first album with producer Oguz
Kaplangi. After giving concerts in various venues in
Istanbul this summer, “Portecho”s fans doubled in
number during their performance at Rock’n Coke