• country:Türkiye
  • style(s):Ethnic, Pop
  • label:Elec-Trip Records
  • artist posted by:Elec-Trip Records


Rebel Moves mixes different types of music such as funk, rock,
ska, dub and reggae with traditional Turkish sounds.The energy
and rhythm of Istanbul is highly expressed in the fusion of their
music. Alaturca strings ensemble, oud accompany Rebel Moves’
synths, samplers, electric guitar, percussions, keyboard, bass
guitar and drums. Their songs “Sheep” and “Bandare” became
No.1 in Turkey’s most popular radio stations and charts.
Rebel Moves played in various organizations and festivals
including the 10th International Istanbul Jazz Festival where the
band met with the world music audience. The band has also
successfully performed a tour in Turkey as the support act of the
Turkish popstar “Tarkan” to an audience of more than 150,000
in total. Their first album "Are You Satisfied?" was released in