ELJURI : Latina Musical Activist - World Reggae Rock Genre-Fuser

Eljuri - Benefit Concert for NYCLU at DROMNYC
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Born in Guayaquil, Ecuador to Lebanese and Spanish parents, Cecilia Villar Eljuri was raised in New York City. This passionate singer, songwriter and guitarist tours internationally. Currently, her, ‘La Lucha Tour’ includes performances in Canada, the US, Mexico and Colombia. Performing live as a power-trio, Eljuri navigates through musical landscapes ranging from rock and pop-punk, bolero, reggae, and Afro-Cuban rhythms, all presented with an elegant and empowered female voice.

As an ‘artivist’ deeply connected to her Latin roots and immigrant experience, Eljuri delivers a bilingual message of protest and universal truths through her award-winning songs. Touted as one of the best Latina electric guitar players in the world, Eljuri is a proud member of the Gibson Family of Artists.

Represented at WOMEX2017 by Manovill Records.

article posted by:Alexandra Gatje, Eljuri / Manovill Records