Worldbeat Rocker Eljuri Booking Tour 2023

Worldbeat Rocker Eljuri On Tour 2022/23
Eljuri Levitt Pavilion Summer Music Series
Eljuri Power Trio (Winston Roye, Cecilia Villar Eljuri, Alex Alexander)
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Touring as power trio 2022/23 in support of Eljuri's brand new album release ‘Reflexión’

“She writes tight, concise songs, sings them distinctively… and plays a razor-sharp guitar… the energy she generates can be positively breathtaking. Cecilia Villar Eljuri is not an artist to be ignored.” –SONGLINES MAGAZINE

“Bursting with her fresh musical perspective ‘Espejo’ has a funky phat dance groove you can strut to. The melody will lift your internal vibration towards positive energy.” –AL BORDE

“Latin rock represented by Eljuri's beautiful vocals. Eljuri is pure spirit of compassion. And she delivers in music the help people need to move forward. It's really worth knowing this excellent work.” –ROADIE MUSIC

Eljuri is represented at WOMEX 2022 in Lisbon by Alexandra Gatje, Manovill Records.

article posted by:Alexandra Gatje, Eljuri / Manovill Records