Entertainment Music Group (EMG)

From bookings to distro, The Entertainment Music Group is a team of established professionals who can help navigate the Canadian music market.

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The Entertainment Music Group is a collaborative team of established professionals, well-versed in all facets of the music industry. We represent a dynamic and exciting roster of world-class artists, live concerts & shows. EMG is also a label, distributed by Believe Digital worldwide

EMG is represented onsite by Trip Phoenix, onsite at WOMEX soliciting agencies and showdates for EMG, while building bridges and looking to bring new artists to the market. TRIP PHOENIX

Trip (a/k/a Pol) is multi-dimensional artist in the truest sense of the word. An accomplished original musician, singer, songwriter, recording, performing and visual artist, actor and filmmaker – as well as the lead jewellery designer for Canard Blanc Creations. Trip is Métis with a strong connection to his Mohawk roots in Kahnawake, Quebec and his ancestral Tairona roots in Santa Marta, Colombia.

EMG is representing the following artists at WOMEX

- Barbra Lica (jazz)
- The Metis Fiddler Quartet (world)
- Vito Rezza and 5 After 4 (jazz)
- Voda (world)

Barbra Lica is a fast-rising star on the Canadian Jazz scene and has been receiving accolades for her unique vocal stylings of subtlety and grace. Based in Toronto, Canada, Barbra’s live show captivates audiences with her genuine warmth and ability to command a concert stage. Barbra has an enviable and rare reputation of garnering a standing ovation before she walks onstage. At her last show at Toronto’s prestigious Koerner Hall, she outsold any other performance in merchandise. A seasoned live act on the Canadian club and festival circuit, Barbra performs at venues from intimate spaces to prestigious auditoriums, such as Toronto’s Jazz Bistro and Koerner Hall, where she drew a standing ovation before she walked on stage and outsold every other performer for merchandise in the venues history. She recently opened for the likes of Christian McBride, Pat Metheny, and Terence Blanchard and just returned from playing the Tokyo Jazz Festival where she was featured on the cover of Japan’s Vogue Magazine

The quartet features Alyssa Delbaere-Sawchuk (Violin, Viola); Conlin Delbaere-Sawchuk (Guitar, Vocals); Nicholas Delbaere-Sawchuk (Violin) and Danton Delbaere-Sawchuk (Cello). Drawing on a diverse musical background with classical, jazz and beyond, siblings Alyssa, Conlin, Nicholas, and Danton perform Métis fiddle music passed down by their elders. The group strives to share their passion for Métis fiddle music with new audiences through their performances, educational presentations and interactive workshops across Canada. The quartet celebrates their proud Métis roots through unique contemporary arrangements of their musical heritage. The band has toured across Canada and internationally, from intimate settings in libraries, museums and schools, to venues such as the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, National Aboriginal Achievement Awards and the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian.


VITO REZZA is recognized as one of the top drummers in the world of percussion. He has developed a unique, original style, hard won through decades of practicing ten hours a day - reinforced and intensified by equally extensive training in martial arts, a hidden ingredient to his seemingly effortless dexterity and prowess with drums, percussion, timing and rhythm. In keeping with the improvisational freedom of jazz, Vito rarely – if ever - plays the same thing, the same way - twice. In addition to the foundation acquired of strength, speed and power, his discipline with martial arts has given him an extraordinary instinct for the art of improvisation. Vito’s career as a studio stalwart and the critical acclaim for his jazz ensemble, 5 After 4 - is all just another stepping stone towards the quartet’s latest release (Vito’s 10th CD - the 7h recording for 5 After 4, and three with other artists), FRAGRANCE OF CHANGE.

"If you want an example of uncompromising integrity, creativity, wisdom, self-actualization, unwavering dedication, and masterful skill which SERVES creativity, then I can't think of a better example than Vito Rezza. If he be an unsung hero, then I will sing his praises loudly. He fights the good fight and follows his heart, contrary to what society is rewarded for, yet I believe all of us want. This may be the crux of our woes, and Vito is the best medicine. And this is not only as a musician, it is also as a human being. In this, and all regards, Vito is a role model. Follow that. Take heed of it, and his message. This is what heals, and what we all need. I have known Vito for more than 30 years, and none of this is passing fancy; he has lived it consistently. He IS that. He seeks and lives the truth. Just let his music tell you. You will hear it. Let him show you. Your shoulders will feel lighter for it. You may just become a better person." VINNIE COLAIUTA (Drummer, Sting, Zappa, Al Kooper, Buble, Jeff Beck, McCartney, Joni Mitchell, Genesis, Boccelli, Beach Boys, Julian Lennon, amongst others)

VODA (Davor Jordanovski)
VODA, featuring Macedonian artists Davor Jordanovski on Piano, keyboards & accordion; Alek Sekulovski on drums and Anita Djordjevic on vocals. VODA (meaning water) are currently radio active in Macedonia and other Balkan territories with four tracks, including NAZAD, NAZAD; MILLICA; IBAR VODO and ELENA, a solo piano piece by Davor.

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  • WOMEX 2015


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