Désir & Fiorini

  • country:Belgium
  • region:Caribbean
  • style(s):Jazz, Contemporary
  • label:el Negocito Records
  • type:Duo
  • artist posted by:Enthusiast Music

Line up

  • Fabian Fiorini (piano)
  • Renette Désir (vocal)


Fabian Fiorni is an unclassifiable pianist, whose inspirations range from classical or contemporary jazz to the most daring forms of sound research. Coming from the Haitian variety, Renette Désir dares everything with Désir & Fiorini, her distinctive voice reminiscent of classical American jazz singers and Cathy Berberian at the same time. The duo's repertoire consists of personal compositions on poems by Haitian writers, writing in Creole. The whole project is underpinned by a political voice, it is written in a 500-year-old history.

Their album released on the el Negocito Records label in 2019 testifies to this work.


"Yo Anpil" - Désir & Fiorini