Ermanno Panta & Banda Zeitun

Ermanno Panta & Banda Zeitun
front cover of "Isla Musa" new album
back cover of the album


Afro mediterranean groove and lyrics dedicated to refugees
  • 1 Refugio
  • 2 Isla Musa
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  • country:Spain
  • region:Ibiza (Balearic Islands)
  • style(s):Jazz, Mediterranean
  • label:Narrator Records
  • type:Quartet
  • instrumentation:instrumental, singer songwriter, jazz combo
  • artist posted by:Ermanno Panta & Banda Zeitun

Line up

  • Ermanno Panta  (vocals, flute, saxofon)
  • Jose Calmet Bello (drums)
  • Sergio Gómez (flamenco guitar)
  • Thomas Moore (electric bass)


Yesterday as today the poet embarks, poetry belongs.
Ermanno Panta is a composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist originally from Sicily (Italy) with deep respect for Sicilian music, flamenco and jazz. His tours and musical studies all around the world provide the inspiration for the eclectic repertoire of Isla Musa, the band’s first album which was released on 6 June 2019 (Narrator Records), with the support of Institut d’Estudis Baleàrics (IEB). Lyrics in Spanish, Catalan, Sicilian and Arabic offer a symbolic commitment to diversity. Trance, joy and modern taste coexist both in the album and in the band’s live concerts. These are the sounds and flavors the listener may recognize in ‘Isla Musa’ album.

"Delicious amalgam of sonorities of mediterranean sonorities "- Ultima Hora
"Festive and social engaged jazz music" - TomaJazz
"Trance, joy and modern taste" - What´s on Edinburgh
"Original mix of jazz, flamenco and sicilian music" - La Repubblica