Erva Doce Produções

Erva Doce Produções was founded in 2016 in São Paulo (BR) and has been operating as a booking and management agency in the Brazilian music market.

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We also work preparing and coordinating projects, and developing strategic plans to achieve objectives and support their execution, building up and accelerating artistic careers.
During the 7 years of our history we've played in 20 Brazilian states, in the five regions of the country. We participated in more than 50 music festivals, released four albums and more than 10 artists from different Brazilian states have already joined our casting. In 2023 we did our first international tour, passing through 4 European countries. The Erva Doce Produções team is formed by Paula Chiaretti (SP), Márcia Godoy (SP) and Dan Teixeira (SP).

Since 2018 we have worked in partnership with the band Luísa e os Alquimistas in which we are responsible for career management, booking shows and tours, executive production and strategic planning. Ever since we released 2 albums, 2 EPs and 1 vinyl , in addition to more than 100 shows across 20 Brazilian states.


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