Filipa Cardoso

Filipa Cardoso


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  • country:Portugal
  • style(s):Fado
  • label:Farol
  • gender:female
  • instrumentation:vocal
  • artist posted by:Espelho de Cultura

Line up

  • Gustavo Roriz (Acoustic Bass)
  • Micael Gomes (Portuguese Guitar)
  • Miguel Ramos (Fado Viola)


Filipa Cardoso is currently considered “one of the most powerful voices of Fado” and “The authentic Lusitanian artistic soul”, having a contagious energy and presence on stage.

The Fadista started singing professionally at a young age: with only 16 years, she was already performing in two Lisbon Fado clubs: “Taverna do Embuçado” under the invitation of the famous viola player Raul Silva, and in “Taverna D’El Rey”.

Singing sad Fado songs while having a happy youth was not very easy for her, so Filipa took a break for nine years. In 2004 she celebrated 25 years, and returned to Fado with a more mature spirit.

In 2005, Filipa debuts her first album “Fragmento do Fado” and in 2009 Filipa released her second record “Cumprir Seu Fado” produced by the Portuguese Fadista Jorge Fernando. With this album, Filipa toured all around the globe: Spain, Belgium, France, German, Switzerland, Netherlands, Montenegro, Canada and United States, where she sang at the “Carnegie Hall”.

She also took “Cumprir Seu Fado” through a twelve days concert tour in Austria and was cast to feature on "Weltenklang20, The First Years..." album. In Austria, Filipa was celebrated by the critic and audience.

In November 2018, Filipa performed at the Portuguese Festival “Santa Casa Alfama”, where she moved the audience once again.

Filipa’s forthcoming album, to be released in the begging of next year, is being produced by Ângelo Freire, one of the best of Portuguese Guitar player, who performs with artists such as Ana Moura, Carlos do Carmo, Carminho and Mariza.
Besides this very anticipated album, Filipa Cardoso is also shining on Politeama Theatre (Lisboa), as the main character of the play “Severa”, considered the first female Fado singer of all time (July 26, 1820 – November 30, 1846).

On April 9th 2019, S. Luiz Theatre was the stage for the comeback of one of “the most powerful female Fado voices” in a special night, where Filipa filled the room and the night with her voice and shared new songs from the upcoming album, also singing to the audience her well-known themes, such as “A voz do meu coração” and “Maria Triste”!! From the new album, it was possible to listen to “Moro com o Fado” and “Lavadeiras de Caneças!”.

The concert also had a memorable moment with one of the most well-known living Portuguese female Fadistas, Maria da Fé, who performed her song “Valeu a Pena” with Filipa! It marked the encounter of two generations and created a very special and emotional moment for every single person in that room!

On June 15th, The Kaiserslautern Culture Festival received Filipa for an unforgettable concert and on August 20th Filipa headed to Azores for a special performance at Semana dos Baleeiros!

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