LST - Lisboa String Trio

LST - Lisboa String Trio
Cd cover "Matéria"
Cover Aqui e Ali
LST Lisboa String Trio with Sofia Vitoria
Cancoes concretas e outras historias


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Video Adriano Fagundes; Music José Peixoto; Lyrics João Monge
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  • country:Portugal
  • style(s):Instrumental, World
  • label:Primetime Records
  • type:Quartet
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:vocal, percussion, string, jazz combo, guitar
  • artist posted by:Espelho de Cultura

Line up

  • Carlos Barretto (Doublebass)
  • José Peixoto (Classical guitar)
  • Marc Planells (Oud, Sitar, percussion)
  • Sofia Vitória (Invited singer)


LST - Lisboa String Trio
with Sofia Vitória
Canções Concretas e Outras Histórias

José Peixoto – guitar
Marc Planells - oud, sitar, percussion
Carlos Barretto – double bass
Sofia Vitória – vocals, percussion

Portuguese Contemporary Song
Mixing World Music and Jazz elements, with those of Classical music, LST – Lisboa String Trio has created a new repertoir that can be listened in their new album “Canções Concretas e Outras Histórias” (Tangible Songs and Other Stories).
After releasing three albums – “Matéria” (2014), awarded by the Carlos Paredes Prize in 2015, “Lisboa” (2016), nominated for the Best Album of 2016 category by the Portuguese Author's Society and “Aqui e Ali” (2020), being one of the songs “Ai mas ai de mim” (Tiago Torres da Silva/José Peixoto) performed by Cristina Branco, awarded by IPMA (International Portuguese Music Awards) in the category of “Best Fado Performance” –, LST - Lisboa String Trio closes a fruitful cycle.

Two musicians remain from the previous line-up: José Peixoto (guitar) and Carlos Barretto (double bass). The new members who last integrated the group are the Catalan musician Marc Planells (lutes, sitar and percussion) and Sofia Vitória (voice), as a guest artist, succeeding gratifying collaborations of other voices such as Cristina Branco, Maria Berasarte and Ricardo Ribeiro.

This new sound takes on new shades, explores new directions and maintains its ‘cultural location’. Beyond songs, and without losing sight of the instrumental matrix that characterizes its music, the group relies on Sofia Vitória's ability and skill to use the voice as an instrument, thanks to her jazz background.

Canções Concretas e Outras Histórias

This new phase includes eleven themes. Six of those, signed by José Peixoto, are anchored in the unprecedented ‘open poetry’ of the author João Monge breaking with the more usual process of ‘lyrics-music’.

This setup – a never-before-tested novelty in the creative relationship between these two authors – gives way to more open and abstract musical forms which approaches them to the very roots and identity of LST.

New and unexplored territories open up to welcome the new future of this original group.

“(…) and the (music) contained in “Matéria” (LST debut cd) is made by true craftsmen’s in their instruments and writing music. All the themes are written by José Peixoto and Barretto and they explore the string trio format, returning to what it has from the chamber music. (…) Music has an art of jewelry.”
Rui Eduardo Paes, in “”

“There´s popular and Arabic music echoes in it … but what really is important it´s the virtuosity of the trio, putting Fado and Jazz in a very natural dialogue.”
Rita Bertrand, in “Sábado” magazine

“Having the individual sound of each musician and their encounter was easy to merge a music that the trio refuses to close only in Jazz language.”
Gonçalo Frota, in “Público”

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