Marco Oliveira

Marco Oliveira
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Credits: Adriano Fagundes


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  • Marco Oliveira (Guitar)


Marco Oliveira (b. 24 January 1988 in Lisbon, Portugal) is one of the most prominent fado performers of his generation. Nearly unique among artists of the genre, his reputation is born out of his work as a singer, lyricist, composer and musician. With two released albums, “Retrato” (2008) and “Amor é Água que corre” (2016), Marco Oliveira is working on his third album that will be released in 2019.

He first performed in public as a young child, going on to win the Best Young Male Singer prize at fado’s premiere performance competition, the Grande Noite de Fado de Lisboa (Lisbon’s Grand Night of Fado), in 1998. He returned to the same competition in 2004 and won again, this time in the category of Best Adult Male Singer. His formal training is in Classical Guitar (at Portugal’s renowned National Conservatory of Music). As a fado singer (fadista) and musician, he has been a fixture of Lisbon’s fado houses from his earliest youth.

Marco Oliveira’s first album (“Retrato”, or Picture), released in 2008 on HM Música, is firmly grounded in classical fado, with lyrics and compositions by Oliveira and others. His latest record, "Amor é Água que Corre" (Love is like Rushing Water), released in 2016 on HM Música, takes the city of Lisbon both as point of departure and of eternal return. Beyond his recordings under his own name, he has collaborated as a player of the "viola do fado" (classical guitar) and as a composer and lyricist—with a wide range of established and emerging fado artists. His work as a musician was recognized in 2008 with an the Best Musician award (known as the Francisco Carvalhinho Award) from Casa da Imprensa, which is Portugal’s National Press.

Oliveira has maintained a robust national and international touring schedule throughout his career. In Portugal, he has had two major solo shows in recognition of his accomplishments to date (at the Centro Cultural de Belém in 2016 and at São Luiz Teatro Municipal in Lisbon in 2017), in addition to performing at innumerable other major concerts and festivals (including Caixa Alfama in 2016). Througout his career, he has continued to perform in the traditional clubs which are the lifeblood of fado music. Outside Portugal, his international touring schedule has recently included concerts in Belgium, Cape Verde, England (2018 Songlines Fado Series), France (2017 Festival L'Imaginaire), Czech Republic, Latvia (2017 Riga Jazz Festival), Spain (2016 MusaLusa Festival), Poland (2016 Siesta Festival, 2017 Festival L'Imaginaire). He is currently at work on a new album.

The year of 2018 began with the travel to London to play in the Songlines Fado Series on the 23rd of February.
In March, Lisbon, notably at the São Luiz Theatre, received Marco and his friends Ricardo Parreira on the Portuguese guitar, Carlos Barretto on the double bass and Diogo Duque on the trumpet for an amazing concert with “Lisbon and the enchanted soul of his streets” as theme. Ana Sofia Paiva, as special guests, has also recited some legends and poems about this city.

The AME - Atlantic Music Expo - has chosen Marco Oliveira among 150 artists, to be presented in Cape Verde in April of the same year, to present his showcase. Marco took with him the musicians Ricardo Parreira on the Portuguese guitar and Quiné on the percussions.
Still in 2018 Marco Oliveira played again in Paris, France, at the 22nd Festival L’Imaginaire (October), in the United States in November, in New York (Elebash Recital Hall) – sold out, Rhode Island, Peabody (Peabody City Hall) and Washington DC (J. F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts) and in Copenhagen, Denmark in December for a solo concert at Koncertkirken!

On February 23rd, Marco Oliveira, along with the actress Ana Sofia Paiva, presented the show “Utopia – Poemas e Canções de José Afonso”, a recital based on the artist’s work, that sold out the Malaposta Cultural Center.

On May 11th, Marco headed to Chartres, France, for an unforgettable concert at the Centre Européen de Rencontres Franz Stock!!
His new record, which is already in pre-production, will be released in the beginning of year!!!

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