Sheila Patricia (Spain)

Sheila Patricia (Spain)
  • country:Spain
  • label:not signed
  • artist posted by:Esquío

Line up

  • Gabi Reboredo  (Galician percussion, vocals)
  • Sheila Patricia  (vocals, song writing, guitar)
  • Tomi  (percussion)


Sheila Patricia is one of the leading voices of the new wave of Galician singer-songwriters blending traditional roots with contemporary electronic influences. Daughter of a Galician and an Argentinian of Asturian descent, she grew up in the Rías Baixas region on the southwestern coast of Galicia, close to the Portuguese border. Her songs draw on the popular styles she inherited from her grandmother, one of her strongest feminine references, including the voice and percussion traditions she heard and participated in at communal celebrations in her home-town, as well as the fado and Spanish pop sounds coming across the borders. On her debut album, Orixe, released this year, her powerful voice recounts stories of women's lives over rhythmic settings driven by tambourine and minimal electronics that capture the essential acoustic nature of her traditional influences.

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Sheila Patricia (Spain)