Jairo Pereira


Quote from a famous black activist
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At age 40, singer, actor and poet Jairo Pereira thought it was time to release his first solo album. One of the three vocalists of the band Aláfia, for seven years, a success in the current musical scene, it launches "Mutum". The album does a fine mix of reggae, jazz, hip hop, rock and poetry in its seven tracks.

Among the inspirations of the disc is the geographer Milton Santos (1926-2001), whose next sentence opens the album: " Clairvoyance is a virtue that is acquired by intuition but especially by study. It is trying to see from the present what is projected in the future. " Jairo explains why he had the successful black academician in the universities of the world as a reference: "I like too much the ways he has traced to try to find solutions to the social and racial inequality that exists in Brazil. The above small quote says much about the album, about focusing on the present moment so that we can have a decent future, " he says.

The solo disc process began in concerts and the work was done independently.

The Mutum Band was also created with the following musicians: the maestro and pianist Fábio Leandro, the harmonica player Lucas Cirilo, the bassist Gabriel Catanzaro, the percussionist Pedro Bandeira and the drummer Filipe Gomes. The musical production is by Gabriel Catanzaro.

The album also includes guest appearances by Xênia França and Eduardo Brechó, the other two Aláfia vocalists, in the track "O Deserto Em Nós". Also taking part are the singers Lucas Bernoldi, in "Candeeiro", Laylah Arruda, in "Web Tribunais".