• featured artist:Becaye Aw, Kouame Sereba, Steinar Ofsdal
  • release year:2004
  • style(s):Afro, Fusion
  • country:Norway
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc)
  • record posted by:Etnisk Musikklubb
  • label:Etnisk Musikklubb


Three musicians from Mauretania, Norway and the Ivory Coast realise that their music has much in common. This is the starting point for a natural, musical cooperation. The complex, fascinating drums trigger the dance foot, and there are also sad ballads and wild tunes. Becaye plays his own tunes in traditional style. His African way of playing and tune the guitar leads us directly to the cattle fields of the Fulani people. Kouame plays dodo, the archaic mouth bow, and takes us far away into African cultural history .- And we are pushed still further when Steinar lifts the xun to his mouth, a Chinese terracotta wind instrument , used in China for more than 6300 years. The Norwegian willow flute, the mouth bow and the African song melt together in a tonal unity. The Norwegian and African music are also closely related rhythmically. Thus, the three musicians are trying to reveal the unity of the world’s musical heritage.