"Snart lyset sig mon svinge" - Bodil Haug

Bodil Haug
  • artist:Bodil Haug
  • featured artist:Knut Aastad Bråten,, Ole Aastad Bråten
  • release year:2005
  • style(s):Traditional
  • country:Norway
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc)
  • record posted by:Etnisk Musikklubb
  • label:EM


About Bodil Haug , as well as Ole and Knut Aastad Braaten.

Bodil Haug was born on January 29th, 1970, in Aal, Hallingdal. She grew up at Varberg, a small farm in Upper Aal.

As a little girl she heard much song, and little by little she developed her own style of singing and musical expression. As she grew older she became especially fond of religious songs used by lay people. Also many of the concerts at the Folkmusic Festival at Aal were important for the further development of Bodil’s musical interests.

Her songs sound best in a light and bright voice.

Bodil is very talented, a generous and positive woman. She sings her songs with respect and humour, and her musical expression can be both flirting and challenging. She possesses an analytic mind and a sharp tongue, and has many young admirers. Some might call her a “fundamentalist in folk music”, but in reality she likes to question established truths. She loves butter, milk and the Norwegian spoken language, and is always provoked by the local popular music, new liberalism and Norwegian meat balls! She certainly does not like it when urban cultural specialists define folk culture and categorize folk singers!

Folkmusicians and folk singers are just simply musicians of our time, Bodil says. What else could they be?

Ole and Knut Aastad Braaten were born on June 30th, 1976. They grew up in Raneisbygda, an interesting little village north of Fagernes, Valdres. As teenagers they became interested in the Norwegian folk instrument called “langeleik”, and for the last ten years they have been among the foremost langeleik-players.

They learnt most of their tunes from the Hegge family in Valdres, and also received important impulses from Ragna Brenno Frydenberg. Although they are mostly known for their innovations in folk music, they also feel at home in the old, simple tunes.

Bodil Haug heard recordings of music played by Borghild Braaten, Ole and Knut’s aunt. Bodil felt especially at home in her religious songs, and understood that she could enrich her own music by working together with Knut and Ole.