"Munnharpe II" - Sigurd Brokke

Sigurd Brokke

«Munnharpe II» is a sequel to «Munnharpe», which Etnisk Musikklubb published in 2012.
The record was well recieved by the musical press both in Norway and abroad, in addition to being nominated for the prestigious «Folkelarmprisen». «Munnharpe II» is a one of a kind solo-cd with the music of the Setesdal mouth harp from start to finish. The material is a mix of never before heard melodies, reworked melodies, melodies made for the fiddle that have been reworked, and old melodies that have never before been recorded.
This record has the intended goal to show the breadth of the repertoair that the mouth harp tradition in Setesdal contains. The variety in sound that can be found in this record all stems from the different tunings of the mouth harp and the variations in beat and tempo throughout.
Sigurd Brokke is counted amongst Norway’s best practitioners on this instrument, and has won the prestigious