"Folkelarm Oslo 2008 " - Valkyrien Allstars + various artists

Valkyrien Allstars + various artists
Artist from Nordic Countries attending on Show Cases at Folkelarm in Oslo 2008
  • artist:Valkyrien Allstars + various artists
  • featured artist:Various Artists
  • region:Nordic
  • release year:2008
  • style(s):Fusion, Traditional
  • country:Norway
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc)
  • record posted by:Etnisk Musikklubb
  • label:Etnisk Musikklubb
  • publisher:Etnisk Musikklubb

We are very proud to annunce the release of the finest, wildest and most beautiful collection of Norwegian and Nordic folk music: The Folkelarm 08 CD! This double album features 32 tracks with 32 arists and groups, featuring over 100 musicians. It is the “album of the month” at Etnsk Muskkklubb
and will be released for sale this week. - Ejoy!
Johanna Juhola (Finland), with her extraordinary
trio, representing the virtuosity in Finnish and Nordic accordion playing, combined with fiddling and live electronics. Daniel Sandén-Warg and Per Buen Garnås, Hardanger fiddle virtuosos Daniel Sandén- Warg and Per Buen Garnås have struck a musical partnership Sver, Vital Swedish/Norwegian quintet Sver offer a smorgasbord of energetically supercharged dance tunes mated with extrovert stage presence and humour Áillos is the brainchild of highly respected Sami artist and actor Ingor Ántte Áilo Gaup - widely regarded as a true pioneer of current Sámi music. Gilgamesh
Norway-based Iraqi quartet Gilgamesh, which derived their name from the ancient Babylon epos written in 2000 B.C, Camilla Granlien Band firmly established itself as one of the Norwegian folk music scene’s most vital acts. Bruvoll/ Halvorsen The striking partnership of guitarist Tore Bruvoll
and vocalist Jon Anders Halvorsen has resulted in one of last year’s strongest outings on the Norwegian folk music scene, Den Fule The band, which was one of scene’s most popular and active outfits in the early 90s, reformed in 2007, Valravn, Danish ensemble Valravn manages to fuse contemporary electronic music with strong Nordic folk traditions, Sudan Dudan the focal point for Marit Karlberg and Anders Røinewho constitute the duo is the rich vocal traditions of rural Norway, Niko Valkeapää Although Niko Valkeapää is solidly anchored in the Sami tradition, his musical outings owe more to contemporary and mature electronica-infused pop than traditional Sami chanting does. Abdulrahman Surizeh is widely regarded as one of the world’s finest musical
ambassadors for Balochistan, a region that spans an area covering parts of eastern Iran, western Pakistan and southern Afghanistan ,SYM orwegian/French/British trio Sym which consists of Anne Hytta, Eléonore Billy (FR) and Clare Salaman (UK) first met in January 2007 with the intention of exploring the sound world of their remarkable instruments which all have sympathetic (resonating) strings. Kim André Rysstad born in Rysstad, Setesdal, is a young traditional vocalist who in a short time has earned a reputation as a highly respected performer with his own distinctive idiom. Diom de Kossa & the Touba Orchestra Diom de Kossa is led by Kossa
Diomandé who has been a central figure on the Norwegian Sceen.