Line up

  • Alicja Hałas (folk drums, gordon)
  • Jacek Hałas (vocals, accordion, hurdy gurdy )
  • Jan Słowiński (viola, cello, vocals)
  • Joanna Słowińska (vocals, violin )
  • Stanisław Słowiński (violin)


Muzykanci is a meeting of some of Polish folk music's leading figures: violinist and singer Joanna Słowińska and her husband, viola and folk bass player, Jan Słowiński and accordionist and singer Jacek Hałas and his wife, percussionist Alicja Hałas. Polish folk traditions are their stock-in-trade - songs of love, fables with a moral, tales of murder and witchcraft - but they also explore Jewish, Galician gypsy, Carpathian and Balkan music. Their 1999 self-titled debut album picked up Polish Radio's Folk Record of the Year award – and in 2012 it was again voted the best of all the winners. Concert tours, albums and more awards have followed. Live, Muzykanci are a force to behold, with the rousing voice and fiery fiddle of Joanna Słowińska leading the band to greater heights. Muzykanci translates as 'let them play!'