Vodku v Glotku

Vodku v Glotku
  • country:Hungary
  • region:Balkan
  • style(s):Klezmer, Russian
  • label:HeuRekord
  • artist posted by:EuRoots


Vodku v glotku:
klezmer, folk, jazz from Hungary and Central and Eastern Europe

The Vodku v glotku band was founded in 1992. The dominant elements in the music of the band are pub songs from Odessa, Hungarian and Central and Eastern European folk motives, the Jewish music, the klezmer and polyphonic vocal music. This is mixed with the elements of jazz and other progressive musical styles. As a result, a musical world is created on the stage, which makes feel home Hungarian, Russian and Jewish people, as well as other nations inhabiting the Central and Eastern European region.

The musicians:

István Bata - guitar, trumpet

Éva Gadanecz - vocal, percussion

Lõrinc Szeredás - guitar

Júlia Nedeczky - clarinet

Árpád Szabó - violin

Gábor Ruthner - bass

Attila Kiss - drums, percussion