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Salsa Choke
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All you need to know about Junior Jein
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  • country:Colombia
  • style(s):Rap, Salsa
  • label:Metiendo Mano Records (Colombia)
  • type:Band
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:percussion, salsa and latin band
  • artist posted by:Evvivashow

Line up

  • Diego Cuella (Bass)
  • Faud Jorge Garcia (Keyboard)
  • Francisco Javier Diaz (Trumpet)
  • German Ruiz (Percussion)
  • Jerry Leonardo Arce (Trombone)
  • Jose Manuel Moreno (Choir)
  • Junior Jein (Leader and Singer)
  • Oscar Ruiz (Drum & Timbal)
  • Ramiro Lenis (Choir)


"Salsa laced with rap"
by Leila Cobo, Billboard, USA

"Great groove @JUNIORJEIN que bien suena"

Junior Jein is a very influential figure in the "Salsa Choque" Movement, which got out from the Colombian Pacific area but it flourished in Cali at the Aguablanca District, as a response to the reggaeton music. Salsa Choque is an alternative urban music style, influenced by Salsa and Hip Hop. It's also known as Salsa Choke or Salsa Shocke.

In September 2014, The music digital platform Deezer with over 16 million active users in over 180 countries, decided to award one of 12 selected projects to showcase at the Bogota Music Market 2014 (BOmm). Junior Jein received as recognition a promotional plan at all Deezer countries in Latin America, valued at over USD$ 150,000. The four editors Deezer Latin America were responsible for the evaluation of proposals. They selected Junior Jein as the winner because they considered he is the artist with the greater projection in the region.

Junior Jein raised inmediate success when he performed his first song "December", in 2006, during an event in Cali.

He is known as "El Caballo de la Música Urbana" The Horse of the Urban Music, a title given by Jairo Varela (Grupo Niche). He is also a well respected referent for the Hip Hop Movement in Buenaventura. He is seriously involved in governmental social & cultural projects with teenagers: @chaoracismo

Junior Jein's music is getting air play in the main Colombian radios like Olimpica Stereo, La Mega, Candela, RCN. He has already toured in Costa Rica, Chile, Venezuela, Ecuador, the United States, Italy and Spain.

Junior Jein's discography are three studio albums under his own label "Metiendo Mano Records":
- PEGANDO DURO, “Sticking Hard” (2005)
- EL REY DEL VACILÓN, “The King of Party (2006) and
- EL CABALLO SOY YO “The Horse is Me" (2008)

He has also a considerable number of musical singles among which include: BAMBAMBILAN (2009), SÍ DIOS FUERA NEGRO “If God Will Be Black (2009), EL DOMINÓ (2010), LA NEGRA TOMASA (2011), TURIN TURAN (2012)and SOMOS DIFERENTES “We Are Differents (2013).