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Èxits is a company dedicated to the musical management. Promoters of Clownia Festival https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aObgeC7gyT4

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Txarango is the latest and most authentic phenomenon to be generated by the Barcelona sound. Born in the Raval, the city's most multicultural neighborhood, the band plays an energetic live fusion that mixes reggae, dub, Latin music and native rhythms.

On stage, their approach turns into pure feast and forcefulness. The message is clear: energy, joy and celebration. With their first album released, Txarango managed to perform in front of thousands of people in Spain's most emblematic festivals: Viñarock, Arenal Sound, MMVV (Vic) or BAM (Barcelona). Furthermore, the group began its international route at venues and festivals in seven countries, such as the prestigious Festival Mundial (Tilburg), Polé Polé (Gent) or the opening concert of the International Salon du Livre de Paris
Following-up their success of 2012 with a brand new album and tour in 2014, Txarango continues as one of Barcelona's most exportable products. Txarango has debuted in May at its own two-days Festival, Clownia, and has headed the line-up of the most prestigious Festivals of its country. Abroad, Txarango has played at Summerstage in Central Park NY (USA), Esperanzah (Belgium), Stockholm Kultur Festival (Sweden), Festival du Bout du Monde and Estivada (France) and several festivals in Austria and Germany.This fall Txarango will debut in Africa (Senegal) and Portugal (Outonalidades).


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