Els Catarres
Els Catarres
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Els Catarres are the essence of the fusion of festive sounds inCatalonia. Starting with an acoustic sound that does not detract their power and explosiveness
on stage, the band opt for a mix of folk and pop music, enriched with touches of rock, reggae,country, corrido, bossanova and roots music.

Their concerts are real parties in which dance and fun does not stop until the last note has beenplayed. Then, the musicians leave the stage wrapped by applause and cheers from the audience. Not only are they a firm headline at the majority of Catalan festivals andcelebrations, but they also are highly valued by big festival: Festival Grec, Cruïlla Barcelona, BAM, MMVV or Fira Mediterrània.

With two tours and 200 concerts behind them, Els Catarres are ready to conquer
new audiences with their festive live concept for the upcoming 2014 season