Tamar Ilana & Ventanas

Tamar Ilana & Ventanas
Ventanas Promo 2014
Ventanas Promo 2014
Ventanas Promo 2013
Ventanas Promo 2013
Tamar Ilana
Ventanas Promo 2014


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  • country:Canada
  • region:North America
  • style(s):Flamenco, Sephardic
  • label:not signed
  • type:Band
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal, a cappella, percussion, visual, string, lute, guitar
  • artist posted by:FabCollab

Line up

  • Alexandra Talbot (flamenco dance)
  • Demetrios Petsalakis (oud, baglama, riqq)
  • Dennis Duffin (flamenco guitar)
  • Derek Gray (caj√≥n)
  • Jaash Singh (doumbek)
  • Jessica Hana Deutsch (violin, vocals)
  • Mark Marczyk (violin, vocals)
  • Tamar Ilana (vocals, dance)


Ventanas weaves in and out of upbeat Bulgarian dance tunes, Greek, Turkish and Sephardic love songs and heart-wrenching Flamenco palos, leading captive audiences through windows into other lands and cultures. Lead singer Tamar Ilana's powerful vocals, honed through a lifetime of performing internationally, evoke deep emotions. Add to this the intensity of Flamenco guitar, the excitement of Middle Eastern doumbek, the soulful sounds of Greek outi and baglama, danceable Klezmer and Ukrainian fiddle, and fiery Flamenco and you have one unforgettable display of music, dance and inspiration.