Luca Argel


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  • country:Brazil
  • style(s):Samba
  • label:Independent
  • type:Solo, Duo
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:singer songwriter
  • artist posted by:Fado In A Box

Line up

  • Luca Argel (Voz e Ukelele)


Luca Argel (Rio de Janeiro, 1988), is graduated in music and master in literature, having made part of his studies in Brazil, and another part in Portugal, where he’s been living since 2012. As well as his solo project, he’s the lead singer and composer of some groups based in Oporto, linked with either Portuguese poetry, or Brazilian music. He has poetry books published around Brazil, Portugal and Spain, having been nominated for the Oceanos Prize, the biggest award on lusophone literature, in 2017. His last two albums, “Bandeira” (2017) and “Conversa de Fila” (2019) were well acclaimed by public and critic, in both Brazil and Portugal, as they seek to present a deeper look into the vast universe of the samba genre.