Fédération EIFEIL

EIFEIL represents independant french music publishers and offers a vast majority of activities cater to their needs.

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EIFEIL was created in 2011 to identify and network independent music publishers in France.

It is an essential link for the professionalization, development and sustainability of our professions, copyright and jobs in this sector.
Its actions make it possible to:

• Federate all music publishers and independent labels
• Promote their activities with institutions, collecting and distributing societies, and broadcasters
• Promote exchanges and serve as a bridge for common actions
• Harmonize and provide global and/or targeted aid and tools for promoting and developing the activity of its members.

It organizes each year:

• EditA, the music publishing festival, annual event made up of meetings, debates, workshops, exhibitors

• The Creamusic Festival in France and Europe

• The High School Prizes for Musical Creation dedicated to current music

• Several training sessions on copyright and music publishing



participating in

  • WOMEX 2022


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