Les Hurlements d'Léo // European Tour // March 2012

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After playing this summer on some main festivals (Dour, Sziget, Eurockéennes etc) to present their new album, Les Hurlements d'Léo will be touring in clubs all over Europe in next March. Some gigs have already been confirmed in Berlin, Vienna, Bratislava, Minsk, Vilnius, Budapest and Zagreb.

After selling more than 50 000 copies of their first album “Le Café des jours heureux” at the end of the 90’s, Les Hurlements d’Léo quickly became one the first representatives of the French Chanson Rock scene with their very own style they call “Java-Chanson-Punk-Caravaning”. Designated as the true successors of Les Négresses Vertes or La Mano Negra, Les Hurlements d’Léo have given performances in 22 countries in 3 years, including Australia and Japan, their passports reaching the saturation point, but not their urge.
In the 2000’s, the Leos became a galaxy in expansion, releasing 4 more studio albums, a live and a best of.
In between all these projects, the Hurlements met another band, Les Ogres de Barback and released an album in 2001 called "Un Air, Deux Familles", a vast musical hubbub, carrying around 40 people in six countries during six months, but also created a collective called "Hardcore Trobadors" with the Germans "17 Hippies" and did collaborate as well with "The Zombie Eaters", "LaRéplik", "The Sleepers"... A large Spanish hostel where everyone comes together in the noise and stage fury.
Following a 3-year-long “active” pause (all the members led their own side projects), Les Hurlements came back in 2011 with an album already considered by French and International press as the most successfully completed, “Bordel de Luxe”. In the last 6 months, the Leos performed more than 100 concerts in clubs and festivals, including the main stages of Dour Festival, Sziget Festival and Les Eurockéennes, and seem to be ready to rock over Europe again, offering the luxury of an emergency exit in this messy world.
Live : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5vyu8bpaIQ

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article submitted by:Jehan Paumero, Fenetour Concerts