X Festival Musical Chiloé

La Travesía Musical insular

  • event type:Festival
  • date:06 Nov 2018 - 09 Nov 2018
  • time:19:30 horas
  • city/area:Ancud - Chiloé
  • venue:Festival Musical Chiloé
  • country:Chile
  • style(s):Classical Music
  • event submitted by:Festival Musical Chiloé

X Chiloé Musical Festival
An Insular Musical Crossing

The Chiloé Music Festival is based in the city of Ancud, located within the Chiloé archipelago, which is formed by the Great Island of Chiloé - the second largest in South America after Tierra del Fuego - and 40 another smaller islands. Chiloé was the last Spanish stronghold in South America.
Due to the harsh geographic and weather conditions that make difficult the access to the Archipelago, the Chiloé culture has developed particular characteristics that differentiates it from the rest of Chile. Chiloé is recognised for its gastronomy – specially for the variety and abundance of its seafood –, for its craftsmanship of wool, wood and natural fibres’ hand made products, for its myths and legends, and for its architecture. In this respect, a special mention is due to the traditional stilt houses and the UNESCO World Heritage churches and the Spanish Fortifications. Also, the magnificence of nature can be observed in one of its many national parks.
Our Festival activities, consisting on concerts, master classes, seminars, academies and workshops, seek to offer a variety of choices to the local community and tourists. The musical programming is oriented mainly to classical and contemporary classical music, jazz and popular music, privileging the "chamber concert" settings depending on the existing infrastructure. The activities take place in the Municipal Theatre in Ancud, in many of the UNESCO World Heritage churches around the archipelago as well as in indigenous communities.
This year we will celebrate the tenth version of the Chiloé Music Festival, with more than 20 concerts, master classes, television and radio programs, lectures, a photo exhibition showing traditional musicians of the archipelago, and a music academy.