94 proposals for Estepa Mediterrània

94 proposals for Estepa Mediterrània, the third Fira Mediterrània de Manresa “Off”

Casa de la Música de Manresa has received 94 proposals from artists keen to take part in the third Estepa Mediterrània, the “Off” programme at Fira Mediterrània of Manresa. Casa de la Música are planning Estepa Mediterrània jointly with Fira Mediterrània of Manresa, due to hold its fifteenth event from 8 to 11 November 2012. The final programme is based on a line-up of artists and a series of proposals that contribute to rethinking, redefining, complementing and even breaking away from the concept of Mediterranean Roots in the music world. The aim is to reinforce and improve the Fira Mediterrània de Manresa project with proposals that would not be suitable for the official section, but are capable of making an innovative contribution to this increasingly popular artistic market.

Casa de la Música is now working on selecting the groups that will form part of the Fira “Off” programme. The organizers are preparing a new plural event that blends a broad cross-section of proposals with audience appeal, plus another slightly edgier section for more complex groups and projects. To make their selection, Casa de la Música has researched underground groups, new bands and proposals from more consolidated acts. General coordination, programming and technical production for the “Off” section have been taken on by Casa de la Música de Manresa, while the Fundació Fira Mediterrània is contributing financially to the project and its dissemination. Both organizations are also working on international publicity, particularly with the aim of generating new markets.

The “Off” programme will be published over the next few weeks on the websites of both Casa de la Música and Fira Mediterrània.

Background of Manresa “Off”

The first Estepa Mediterrània in 2010 included performances by Els Trons, Selectors Badabadoc, Bikimel, Miku, Txarly Brown, L’Aparador, Balkatalan Experience, La Bundu Band, DJ Merey, Tarannà and Obrint Pas.

The second event in 2011 opened up much more to other countries and included performances by international groups: Irie Révoltés (Germany), DJ Kayalik with Papet J of Massilia Sound System and Jack of Heart (France), Walter Daniels (USA), together with Guadalupe Plata, the trio from Andalucia. Feliu Ventura, the singer from Xàtiva, also presented his new album. The classic Aplec Modernista de la Mediterrània was also held with Selectors Badabadoc and local, regional and national projects were opened up to the general public and specialized line-ups, such as E-Bastards, Les Absentes, Assabè and Filippo Landini.

article posted by:Jordi Bertran, Fira Mediterrània Manresa