Dimitris Mystakidis
Esperanto, the Rembetiko Guitar Project

  • artist: Dimitris Mystakidis
  • event type: Concert
  • start date: 21 Jun 2016
  • end date: 21 Jun 2016
  • time: 20:00
  • city/area: Camden, London
  • venue:The Forge
  • country: United Kingdom
  • style(s):
    • Rembetiko
  • event submitted by: Fishbowl Music Tank

Esperanto, the Rembetiko Guitar Project is an anthology of the most important rembetiko songs of the 20th century arranged exclusively for guitar.
Keeping the eastern aura of the genre, Dimitris enriches its performing with influences from blues and manouche, while his arrangement exclusively for guitar functions as a common “language” (an Esperanto) to diverse audiences.

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