Mário Lúcio

Mário Lúcio
  • country:Cape Verde
  • style(s):Morna, Funana
  • label:Lusafrica
  • type:Band
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist posted by:FLi Artists


Mário Lúcio is one of the most recognizable figures of Cape Verde’s cultural and music scene, both locally and internationally. He is a musician, a singer-songwriter, and one of the country’s foremost and leading composers of all times.

Composing in Cape Verde’s leading music styles such as Morna, Funaná, Batuque, and Coladeira, Mário Lúcio’s signature songs and arrangements are found in an array of albums and songs most of which were interpreted and recorded by the late Cesaria Evora and including the country’s emerging and established singers s well as artists as far afield as Brazi, France and Italy.