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bassa - Tangomondo | Berlin Tango

*Bassa* is a band of five passionate musicians based in Berlin, bringing fresh air to the tradition of Tango with youthful spirit and classical taste. Taking the dance music of Argentinian Tango as their main inspiration, Bassa creates a romantic blend of jazz, chamber music and Latin rhythms, with sophisticated compositions and rich quality of sound.

Since their formation in 2005, Bassa has been performing at numerous venues and festivals across Germany, as well as releasing the debut *Berlin Tango* (Flowfish Records, 2009) and the follow-up album *Medialuna* (Flowfish Records, 2010), first-class recordings that have proven to be long-running favorites.
Tempo: PasiĆ³n!* is their third album, released this year. With new members on board to further enrich their creative approach, Bassa takes the audience on an emotional journey: stories of romance, passion, pleasant surprises, and moving melodies of love and sadness that speak to the heart.