Monsieur Perine

Monsieur Perine


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Monsieur Periné | Suin a la Columbiana (Bogota - Colombia)
***Latin Grammy Nominee 2015 „Album of the year“ & „Best new artist“
***New Album „Caja de Musica“ (07/2015):
CD of the week: Funkhaus Europa, BR, MDR, HR, WDR, SWR, Musiktip 3-Sat-Kulturzeit***
Monsieur Periné are most definitely among the highlights of Colombia‘s young and thriving music
scene around the capital Bogota. Now they are back to the stages of the world with their sophomore
The young band behind the enchanting singer Catalina Garcia already have been enjoying tremendous
success when their debut album „Hecho a Mano“ hit the shelves: They entered the single charts,
were voted Artist of the Week by MTV and became shootingstars on both youtube and facebook.
With their second album „Caja de Musica“ (produced by Visitante of CALLE 13) they took their art
to yet another level. Influences are even richer, the productions more elaborate and the arrangements
more refined. After extensive tours across Europe and Latin America the band has added two
musicians, becoming even moreforceful, mature and versatile, still they have stuck to their recipe
of success. The hand-crafted world of costumes and illustrations and their very own musical style:
Suin a la Columbiana!
With undeniable roots in Swing Manouche and celebrating Django Reinhard, this fresh style adds a
variety of South American instruments and rhythms to the mix. Besides latin percussion and Ronrocco
it features influences of Cumbia, Son, Bolero, Currulao, Tango and Samba: a sonic innovation!
And then of course: the vocals of Catalina Garcia. The unmistakable center of the airy yet virously
performed instrumentals, connecting 30‘s Paris with today‘s Bogota. Its‘ foundation is rooted in
Jazz Manouche. This particular rhythm, „that will make every body dance as if they were possessed.
Possessed by a magical energy. The energy Periné!“
Open for Bookings in Europe: Jun-Aug 2016