Monsieur Perine
Caja De Musica - Cover
  • artist:Monsieur Perine
  • release year:2015
  • style(s):Latin, Jazz Manouche
  • country:Colombia
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc)
  • record posted
  • label:flowfish.records

Monsieur Periné - „Caja De Musica“

Latin Grammy nominated 2015:
"Best album of the year"

Caja de Musica is the eagerly awaited second studio album by Colombia‘s young shootingstars Monsieur
Periné. The band‘s first album „Hecho A Mano“ catapulted them to the forefront of Colombia‘s
bubbling music scene: MTV Artist of the Week, single charts, album charts, gold records and all that
good stuff ensued.
Since then they performed countless concerts and two extensive tours across Europe to crowds of
loyal fans worldwide. 250K+ likes on Facebook and millions of Youtube views bear testimony to their
Beside their enchanting singer Catalina Garcia their secret was and still is their very own style
of music - „Suin a la Colombiana“. The first colombian band ever to take on Swing Manouche, they
created a skillful blend of various latin styles, instruments and elements. Enchanting Colombia and
the world.
Despite mixing Swing Manouche and latin styles from the first half of the 20th century, Monsieur
Periné‘s music is red-hot!
The band stays true to their concept on Caja de Musica, with a spectrum even broader and influences
even richer. All without sounding eclectic. Musically matured, Monsieur Periné know what they want
and are spot-on stylewise, regardless of their many influences.
The majority of songs have an elegant swing to them. But also new grooves like from the song „Marinero
Wawani“ go straight to the ear of the listeners.

The band has stepped up their production significantly. In Visitante (Eduardo Cabra) of Calle 13
Monsieur Periné found their ideal producer. Cabra himself has raked up countless Latin Grammys as
a musician, composer and producer.
The collabo proved to be perfect. Both band and producer complimented each other seamlessly while
completing the album in Puerto Rico, Mexico, New York and Bogotá.
During production Monsieur Periné have expanded their musical arsenal considerably. For example
String samples simply did not do this time for neither Cabra nor the band, so they had string
players from the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra come to the studio.
Caja de Musica is hand-crafted. The sparsely used electronic bits are a subtle addition. Barely audible
they put the finishing touch on the production.
The vocals on this album are still the unchallenged domain of Catalina Garcia, who receives more
vocal support than on the first album though. For one from bandmate Santiago Sarabia, with whom
she composed most of the songs. And also from two friends: Rubén Albarrán (CafeTaCubas) is featured
on „Cempasuchil“ and dominican singer/songwriter Vicente Garcia on „Nuestra Cancion“.
On their third tour across Europe the band is performing their new album in July and August 2015. In
Germany they are playing their first concert as special guest at ZAZ at Tollwoodfestival in Munich.

„Ready to take on the summer.“ - Acces All Areas

„Monsieur Periné are part of „Global Pop“. With solid roots beneath them they‘re effortlessly
blending and transcending geographies and genres in today‘s interconnected world.“ - MDR Figaro

„It‘s simply impossible to resist their cheerful mix of Swing Manouche in the style of Django
Reinhardt and characteristic styles like Cumbia, Currulao and Vallenato.“ - tip Berlin