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Épisode Trois
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CD Launch of Sagapool
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  • country:Canada
  • region:North America
  • style(s):Instrumental, World
  • label:CFM Musik (Canada)
  • type:Band
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist posted by:Folquébec

Line up

  • Alexis Dumais (Piano and doublebass)
  • Dany Nicolas (Guitar and doublebass and rhodes)
  • Guillaume Bourque (Clarinet and bass clarinet)
  • Luzio Altobelli (Accordion and percussions and rhodes and doublebas)
  • Marton Maderspach (Drums and percussions and doublebass)
  • Zoé Dumais (Violin and glockenspiel)


2010 WOMEX 2010 Showcase - Spotlight Quebec selection - Oct 29th 00h15 Studio 2

2010 Contact East official showcase selection

2011 Pacific Contact official showcase selection

2008 Canadian Folk Music Awards Winners for Best Instrumental Group and nominee for Best World Music Album


With its contagious joie-de-vivre and its vibrant music, this band of six musicians has created an original and dazzling repertoire that reflects the colourful influences of Montreal's cultural mosaic.

Conceived in the hallways of the Conservatoire de Musique de Montreal on a sunny day in 1999, Sagapool previously known as Manouche celebrated its ninth year with the release of its third album, Episode Trois.

Guitar, double bass, accordion, percussions, banjo, glockenspiel, Rhodes, violin, clarinet and piano all shine in the hands of these multi-talented instrumentalists. With its diverse cultural background, the group defies simple categorization and performs its own blend of joyful music which, like their city of Montreal, marries the best of the Old World and the New.

With Episode Trois, Sagapool lets its music travel without borders and preserves the free spirit and exuberance of its first loves gypsy music, gypsy swing and klezmer, while adding elements of Celtic, ska, latin and folk rythms.

Sagapool's new album was roundly praised by the public and critics alike. Episode Trois also reached 1 on the CIBL World chart for 7 consecutive weeks, 6 on the Earshot Jazz chart and reached the Top 10 list of Montreal CD sales.

Since 1999, Sagapool has played over three hundred times in Canada, with four major performances at the Montreal International Jazz Festival. The band has sold more than 10 000 copies of its first three albums. In 2006, the album St-Urbain Cafe was nominated at ADISQ (the Quebec Junos) for best instrumental album. That same year, the group won the Roseq-Radarts award given by music promoters of Quebec. In 2007, Sagapool performed for the first time in the United States at Bliss Fest in Michigan.

2008 was a monumental success for Sagapool, as they won awards from across the music industry, including the GALAXIE Rising Star Award at ROSEQ, Best Instrumental Group at the Canadian Folk Music Awards, and were nominated for Best World Music album at both the Canadian Folk Music Awards and at GAMIQ.

Management and booking worldwide:
COOP Les Faux-Monnayeurs
Jean-Francois Guindon - 514-576-6090

Led Artists
Laura E. Dyer
(347) 678-4686

Marilyn Gilbert

Sagapool and LogMusik Publishing

Sagapool thanks Musicaction, Canada Council and SODEC for their support.


Zoe Dumais : VIOLIN + glockenspiel
Luzio Altobelli : ACCORDION + drums, piano, doublebass
Guillaume Bourque : CLARINET + clarinet basse
Dany Nicolas : GUITAR + doublebass + piano
Marton Maderspach : DRUMS + percussions + doublebass
Alexis Dumais : DOUBLEBASS + PIANO + percussions

Available on iTunes, eMusic and most music portals :
Sagapool - Epidode Trois 2008 / Disques Anubis (Outside Music)
GAMIQ and Canadian Folk Music Awards Nominee for best World Album and best instrumental group.

Under Manouche's name:
St-Urbain Cafe - 2005 - ADISQ Nominated (Best Album - Instrumental) / Independant (LOCAL)
Apprenti Moustachu - 2002 / Independant (LOCAL)