Line up

  • Branka Básits (singer)
  • Mihály György (guitar)
  • Szlobodan Wertetits (harmonica)


Branka Básits is a musician of Hungarian-Serbian origin. A vibrant, colorful personality and singer. She sings on stage with tremendous passion and strength, yet is capable of soft and delicate sounds that reach even the toughest of hearts. The singer's father is Serbian and his mother is Hungarian, so she grew up in a cultural environment that embraces these two traditions. Unsurprisingly, this duality later had great impact not only on her everyday life but on her entire musical world, it became her main inspiration, her artistic driving force.

Although her new trio stems from these traditions, (Serbian and Hungarian folk music), it takes the listener far, forgetting the mortal world into an undiscovered, exciting abstract world full of feelings, memories and eternal truths, deep in the souls of all of us. Her excellent fellow musicians and composers: accordionist Szlobodán Wertetics and guitarist Mihály György, help her in this creative work. The greatest unifying force among the members of the Trio is the common basic experience that defines their musical world: belonging to the Serbian community in Hungary. All of them are authentic interpreters, and also innovators of this musical culture.