Lajkó Félix Folk Trio

Lajkó Félix Folk Trió

Lajkó Felix's style cannot be classified within the diverse world of musical genres and styles, and it has been known to influence the soul with its special sensitiveness. He uses his musical instruments, the violin and the zither as an intermediary between himself and the outer world. No matter how he performs, either alone or with others on the stage, the final result is always dazzling, something from a deep and clear source, instinctive and extraordinary. Lajkó Félix created a new genre that is attributable only to him; he has a unique sound and virtuosity that defy imitation. The brilliant artist who received the Franz Liszt Prize recently is here on stage with his string-trio, and on top of his popular pieces he entertains the public with new compositions as well.

article posted by:Silvia Winkler, Fonó Music Hall