Green Moon


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Green Moon first appeared to us in the form of three foxes : one playing the double bass, the other playing the guitar and the third one playing the violin and the mandolin, or perhaps the other way around as the instruments pass from one hand to another. Now they’re back as birds, but not the ordinary type : Tyto alba. Also known as a barn owl, an elegant nocturnal creature that resides in bell towers and garrets. Flying gracefully, a stealthy creature whose cries can be heard from afar… Faithful birds, faithful to each other and to their habitat, also faithful to their offspring nestling in the corner of a dormer, waiting for their victuals. Together, three faithful musicians hovering from piece to piece.

Similar to the graceful glide of this fascinating creature, the music drifts away, comes and goes, as the Irish fog hovers on the vast horizons of Central, Northern and Southern Europe… Midway, the rythm accelerates and you are transported to a pub in Cork or Galway.