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  • Les Hurlements d'Léo // European Tour // March 2012

    After playing this summer on some main festivals... 17 Oct 2011 - written by Jehan Paumero, Fenetour Concerts from Hungary
  • Looking for Booking agents, Promoters, Distributors, Festival Firms, Labels

    We are Britannia Rumba, based in Manchester... 11 Sep 2008 - written by Blanchard Jean Azip, Deplaizir & Britannia Rumba Band from United Kingdom
  • Looking for Collaborations

    Looking for versatile, high profile and... 25 Oct 2011 - written by Sharma Srikanth, Srikanth, Jyotsna from United Kingdom
  • Looking for new music for radio AirPlay in Boston USA

    Radio program seeking new international music for... 21 Oct 2015 - written by Dana Westover, Wolf Music from USA
  • Loroza & Us Madureira

    LOROZABlack Brazilian from Madureira, heart of... 21 Oct 2010 - written by Raphael Sant Ana de Queiroz, Rinoceronte Produções from Brazil
  • Meetings

    Hello, I'm Juan Marcos, will Womex presene in... 04 Jul 2010 - written by Juan Marcos Rojas, La Etnia Worldmusic from Italy
  • Musica das Esferas | Label and Management

    Música das Esferas is a Lisbon based label which... 22 Apr 2009 - written by Tiago Torres Mascarenhas, Música das Esferas from Portugal
  • Musicport Festival (UK)

    Late registration so not on delegates list .Jim... 24 Oct 2013 - written by Jim McLaughlin, Musicport Festival from United Kingdom
  • Pacific Music

    Sharing language from the necklace of the Pacific... 19 Oct 2016 - written by Posenai Mavaega, Tamaki Makaurau Matariki Festival Trust from New Zealand
  • Pellizco

    With a pinch out of the wild and a few flamenco... 23 Sep 2008 - written by Juan V Villafruela Zúñiga, ICAS - Instituto de la Cultura y las Artes de Sevilla from Spain
  • Play your music in Santiago de Compostela, Musician´s Pubs, Womex 2016

    An opportunity to show your music in Santiago de... 04 Oct 2016 - written by Jose Francisco Saavedra Lopez-Sancho, Musicarte Rey Saavedra, S.C. from Spain
  • Presenting: Colombia Country of Music

    We are proud to introduce our colombian... 16 Oct 2017 - written by María Garcés, Portafonico Colombian Delegation from Colombia
  • Ricardo Imperatore

    Traveling alone for 9 years it's time to get... 17 Oct 2016 - written by Ricardo Imperatore, Imperatore, Ricardo from Brazil

    RODRIGO CUEVAS “PRINCE OF VERDICIU” EP Synth... 01 Sep 2016 - written by Antonio Barral, El Cohete Internacional SL from Spain
  • Sur Jahan, World Peace Music Festival

    banglanatak dot com is a 17 years old Social... 17 May 2017 - written by Debalina Bhowmick, Banglanatak Dot Com from India
  • Sync your Music in Brazil

    BRtrax is a sync agency that connects independent... 10 Oct 2014 - written by Felipe Zenicola, Rumori Desenho Sonoro from Brazil
  • Tania Vinokur - a unique combination of Violin, Dance and Vocals

    Tania Vinokur- i'm an International performing... 08 Oct 2014 - written by Tania Vinokur, Tania Vinokur from Israel
  • We want to bring your music to Brazil

    In this edition of Womex 2012, our main objective... 12 Oct 2012 - written by Otavio Argento, Brasuca Produções from Brazil
  • Womex Delegation

    Our artists at the next womex... 13 Oct 2008 - written by Matthieu Meyer, Pôle Régional des Musiques Actuelles from La Réunion
  • World Music Tv

    José Carlos II producer and host a weekly tv show... 18 Oct 2011 - written by José Carlos Da Silva Raimundo, José Carlos da Silva Raimundo (José Carlos II) from Denmark

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