photo : J.M. LUBRANO
Dupain live
  • country:France
  • style(s):Mediterranean, Rock
  • label:Label Bleu
  • type:Band
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist posted by:Free-lance Booking

Line up

  • Daniel Gaglione (Mandolin)
  • Laurent Piacento (Drums)
  • Noël Baille (Bass)
  • Pierlo Bertolino (Hurdy-gurdy)
  • Sam Karpiena (Vocals)


DUPAIN - France/Occitania

There's tradition, there's innovation and there's trad-innovation, a hybrid state of mind synonymous with a group from Marseille called Dupain, which just means, democratically enough, 'bread'. The group was founded by singer Samuel Karpiènia and hurdy-gurdy player / programmer Pierre-Laurent Bortolino in the mid nineties with the intention of taking working class songs from the nineteenth century, sung in Occitan, the old language of the south of France, and building a gleaming modern musical edifice around them. Their ambition was to create a new Provençal sound in which the bass, hurdy-gurdy and sampler had equal weight and importance and where influences like dub and reggae could benefit from a good old southern makeover. Singing almost exclusively in Occitan, a language which is clinging to survival by its fingernails, Dupain celebrate the sprit and mourn the misfortunes of working people whose working lives have been scrapped along with the local iron and steel industries by the brutal ravages of the free market.

Albums : 2000 L'Usina - 2001 L’Usina remix - 2002 Camina - 2005 Les Vivants - 2008 new release