Achanak street

A six piece band, Achanak have gained a fearsome reputation as the 'best 'live' act in the Music market . They have been recepients of numerous awards including best band (2003) best live act (2002) and best album ( 1997) as well as achieving platinum sales on all of their albums..

The band has toured extensively covering all ends of the market including : Sweden, Italy, Germany, Slovenia, Spain, France, Norway, Czech Republic aswell as Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, the States and Indonesia.

Comments from agents and promoters have included the following endorsements:
-'Simply the best bhangra band we have ever had' (Re-orient 2002)
-'The best band that has played at Dollegau festival' ( 2001 and 2004)
-'Once Achanak had played in Malmo - we just to call them back 4 months later such was the demand' Mix 2003 and 2004
-'There is no greater bhangra band' El Espiritu - Spain
-Achanak are the best bhangra band I have ever seen, very professional and dynamic. I have had huge success in representing them in Italy' Paolo ( Frame events ).
-The moment they left the stage, the question was how quick could we get them back. Golowan festival 2001/2004

Having showcased at Womex 2002, Achanak have gone from strength to strength and are extensively performing at all the major festivals in the UK and Europe.