Carmen Rizzo
Carmen Rizzo


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  • country:USA
  • style(s):Fusion, Pop
  • label:the LAB
  • type:Composer/Songwriter, DJ/Remixer
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental
  • artist posted by:Frusion Fizzion Oyeah Ukeartswork

Line up

  • Carmen Rizzo (Keys Laptops programming)


Carmen Rizzo, if you're unfamiliar with his work lets just say he's worked with some of the finest artists in the world of high quality popular music on the planet, from legends like Pete Townsend, Seal, Alannis Morrisette, Paul Oakenfold, Coldplay the list goes on and on...

and now in his own right this Grammy award nominee is playing his heart out. we're taking enquiries all year round subject to availability and needless to say the music you'll hear from Carmen is superbly crafted and a joy to behold. Working as a duo at the moment and at the time of writing about to appear with Paul Oakenfold at the Hollywood bowl bound for greatness..