Andean & Amazon flutes & moderns influences
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Line up

  • Alessandro Taborri (Drums, charango, key board, percussion)
  • Roland Ricaurte (Flutes, quenas, zampognas, percussion, guitar, voc)


In the Inca language TINKU means "meeting" and Tinku is the close
communication between two multi-instrumentalists of great talent and
cosmic vibration. Equipped with over fifty instruments, old and
modern of every sort such as Andean and Amazon flutes, percussion instruments and drums, chordophones such as the charango, the tiple, the mandola, the violin and the guitar. Among the modern ones we find keyboards and synthetizers and above all the voice narrating the
feelings of millenary people in a variety of languages: Kechua, Aymara,
Spanish, Italian and English, with a strong evocative power. In order
to create such wonderful effects they also make use of videos and works
of art. The music of the TINKU covers diferent musical languages, from the Andean sonorities to folk music, from pop to rock passing through classical music and the new TINKU sound, made by traditional music and popular Andean music as well as original compositions of both artists.