Dashing Waves

Dashing Waves


reggae, English and French lyrics
  • 1 Rivier
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Dashing Waves promo live reel
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  • country:Finland
  • region:Northern Europe
  • style(s):Reggae, World Fusion
  • label:not signed
  • type:Band
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:vocal, percussion, woodwind, dance orchestra, guitar
  • artist posted by:Funky Amigos

Line up

  • Aki Lahtinen (percussions)
  • Cheka Kalupala (main vocals)
  • Eero Savela (trumpet)
  • Erno Haukkala (trombone)
  • Janec Bachmann (guitar)
  • Joakim Bachmann (drums)
  • Kim Rantala (keyboards)
  • Shigeki Tamura (guitar)
  • Susanna Hakulinen (vocals)
  • Tuuli Saksala (vocals)
  • Yoshiki Tamura (bass)


Dashing Waves hail from Helsinki and play their thrilling version of urban multi-ethnic world groove with a lineup of 8 to 11 talented and experienced musicians from various backgrounds. Actually they started already in 1997 and released their critically-acclaimed debut album Rockers International, which as well ahead of their time, in 2003 only to break up the next year and disappear from the map completely as quickly as they appeared. However, they managed to leave a lovely mark with their original fusion of afro reggae, ska, funk, jazz, rock, disco and electronic music, which was performed in three different languages: English, French and Lingala.

But now they are back after reactivating during the pandemic years! Congolese-Finnish vocalist Cheka Kalupala and the band built around several sibling pairs blew a fresh breeze in the Finnish scene back in the days, but actually they are even more current now when limitless fusion of different genres and influences take place every day. And with a new single titled "Rivier" about to be released along with an EP in the following months and a new album next year, they are more ready than ever before to reach out to the international scene as well!

During the years between, many of the musicians have been perfecting their skills with several well-acknowledged musical acts from Ashimba and Tuomari Nurmio all the way to bands such as The Soul Investigators, Lailai, Jätkäjätkät and Plutonium 74. And some of them have been even performing together in Finland with afrobeat legends Tony Allen and Orlando Julius.

Dashing Waves is one of the two specially selected Funky Finland artists for Womex '22, represented by Funky Amigos.