Seamless Ethio-balkan fusion
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  • country:Bulgaria
  • region:Balkan
  • style(s):Balkan, Bass
  • label:Fusion Embassy
  • type:Band
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal, a cappella, electronic, percussion, visual, woodwind, unplugged
  • artist posted by:Fusion Embassy

Line up

  • Asya Pincheva (vocals)
  • Diyana Vassileva (vocals)
  • Georgi Marinov (didgeridoos & gayda)
  • Hristiyan Georgiev (kaval, vocals, melodica, moog & keys)
  • Ivan Gospodinov (vocals)
  • Stefan Cekov (drums, cajon & tupan)


Showcase Times:
Friday 23 October 18:30 CEST
Friday 23 October 21:00 CEST

Since 2009 Oranitza have been busy reclaiming Bulgarian traditions from the folklore museum and taking them out onto the street again to meet the sounds of the local underground. They have developed their unique sound, which they call 'Ethno-Bass', out of a forthright mix of Bulgarian folk melodies and orthodox-style chanting, freely enhanced with influences from jazz, progressive rock, dubstep, and trap, pulling the irregular rhythms of traditional dance styles onto the contemporary dance-floor. Georgi Marinov transfers his gajda playing skills to the didgeridoo, giving it a Bulgarian accent, pumping out rapid rhythms underpinned by the skittering tupan drumming of Petar Yordanov and overlaid with the kaval and keyboards of Hristiyan Georgiev. Their third album, Alter Ethno, saw the addition of singers Diyana Vassileva and Asya Pincheva bringing further spectral qualities to the expanding tone palette.

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"Oratnitza" - Oratnitza

"Folktron" - Oratnitza

"Alter Ethno" - Oratnitza